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Pika & Bear Merchant Traders Intl

C/O Universal Genius Distribution

3030B 13th Ave., Regina, Sk.

S4T1N9, Canada

PH.(Toll Free) 1 (855)206-0358

F. (Toll Free) 1 (855)206-0359

E. pikaandbear@myaccess.ca

Canadian Terms and Conditions

Effective March 27/2019

Online Account Registrations

1. All account registrations are subject to review. If approved the account registrar will be contacted by email and provided with additional information.

2. The account holder reserves the right to place an opening order, and establish their position as an authorized stockist for a period of 30 days within their market region.

3. Due to demand, and wait lists existing in many regions, if an opening order has not been placed within 30 days, and another interested party within the same region registers on the website, and places an opening order the right to carry the line is lost . This policy holds from 31-90 days from the date of registration.

4. If an opening order has not been placed within 90 days of registration account access will be suspended, re-application must take place to be considered as a stockist.

New Accounts

  1. All new accounts are subject to a minimum opening order prior to shipping fees and taxes of $500.00 CDN.
  2. Repeat orders are subject to a minimum order requirement prior to shipping fees and taxes of $100.00/CDN.
  3. All accounts are required to hold all required licenses and permits, as well as abide by any and all other regulatory standards as set by law within their business jurisdiction.
  4. All accounts are subject to approval. Registrations made on www.pikaandbear.com will be reviewed prior to full access to the ordering platform.
  5. Pika & Bear reserves the right to limit the number of accounts within a sales region, as well as expand the number of accounts in any location based on diligent research and market assessment. All new accounts are opened at the discretion of Pika & Bear head office.
  6. Additional information about your business may be requested prior to the approval of a new account.


  1. Accepted forms of payment include credit card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express), cheque my mail or e-transfer. Payment is due prior to the shipment of goods unless terms have been established with Pika & Bear head office.

b) Payment may be completed on www.pikaandbear.com by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), e-transfer (pikaandbear@myaccess.ca) or by cheque sent by mail. Requests may be made to be contacted by telephone for credit card payments. Shipments will not be released until full payment has been received. Credit card numbers will not be kept on file without the consent of account holder.

c) Phone, fax, email, or trade show orders may be paid by credit card (Visa/Mastercard) cheque by mail, or e-transfer. If applicable client will be contacted when orders are ready to ship for payment information.

  1. N.S.F charges: A fee of $75.00 will be charged for any cheques returned N.S.F. Upon receipt of a second

N.S.F no future cheques will be accepted.

  1. All goods remain property of Pika & Bear until paid for in full.


a) Terms are established only with the approval of Pika & Bear head office.

b) A credit application and check may be required prior to terms being issued.

c) Pika & Bear reserves the right to end terms with frequently delinquent or seriously overdue accounts.

d) Accounts past due will be subject to an annual 15% interest charge.

e) For more information regarding terms please contact Pika & Bear directly.

Limited Warranty

1)Upon Delivery Of Shipment Until Sold To Client

Please inspect items upon delivery. Any and all defective items identified at the time of delivery will be replaced or a credit will be applied to the account holders account. All credits will automatically apply to the next order placed, and do not require any action on the account holders part.

Method of Reporting Damages

Please submit photos and a brief description of the damages by text to 1(306)537-0558 or by email to pikaandbear@myaccess.ca


Any and all Items that have been damaged as a result of mishandling by the public and/or shopworn as a result of being handled by the public. Environmental tarnish. Shopworn tags or packaging.

2)Post Sale to Client

If an item has been returned damaged or defective within the time frame and conditions of your stores return policy please proceed at your own discretion. Items will be replaced or a credit issued to the account holder upon receipt of damage report.

Method of Reporting Damages

Please submit photos and a brief description of the damages by text to 1(306)537-0558 or by email to pikaandbear@myaccess.ca


Items that have been dropped, altered, or subjected to excessive wear and tear. Gold and silver plating.

1 Year Limited Warranty

(Jewelry Only)

Items purchased with retained receipt or retailer record of purchase will be subject to Pika & Bear’s 1 year limited warranty policy. Pika & Bear will replace or repair defective or failed merchandise up to one year with proof of purchase date by receipt or retailer verification.

This policy includes all failed or defective clasps, chains, setting of stones and errors of workmanship.


1) Plating (gold or silver) except items listed as “vermeil” 2) Items where there is evidence of abuse, alteration, impact damage, dropping, metal fatigue created as a result of repeated bending. 3)Items subject to foreign chemicals, including ,but not limited to all acids, airborne pollutants (sulphur, smog, carbon), saltwater, oils, grease, chlorine, bleach.

Method of Claim

Warranty claims may be made by the retailer on behalf of the client by contacting us directly at pikaandbear@myaccess.ca and including photo(s) and a brief description of the damage, as well as evidence of original date of purchase. The client is also welcome to contact us directly at pikaandbear@myaccess.ca

Please contact us for assistance with any warranty claim.


a) All orders with Pika & Bear ship at a flat rate of $15.00 within Canada.

c) All orders will ship via Canada Post and will be tracked and insured for the full value.

  1. Goods lost in transit will promptly be re-shipped upon acknowledgement of loss by carrier.

e) Shortages. Please report missing items from your order immediately. When available missing items will be replaced immediately. If an item is not in stock a credit will be issued to your account.

f) Damaged packages. Please note and photograph any damaged or crushed packages upon arrival. Should we require to make a claim with the courier this is essential evidence.

Closure of Accounts

Accounts which have not placed orders for a period of (1) calendar year will be deemed “inactive” and considered closed. At this time Pika & Bear will seek to establish a new account in the market area. An account may be reopened once closed by placing the minimum order of $500.00, if and only if , the account space is still available in the market region.

Production Orders/Backorders

a) Items not available at the time of requested ship date or requiring handmade production valued at over $100.00 CDN will be be moved to a backorder/production order. When ready to ship one production/backorder will ship. No additional shipments will be sent unless requested by the account holder. Backorders/production orders under $100.00 CDN will be cancelled.

b) Production orders/ Large Quantities/ Custom Orders: Please contact us directly if large quantities or customized orders are required.


a) Pika & Bear strives to provide a significant market share to each retailer within any specific region or location. We also know that a brand must have a certain level of market presence and awareness to create impact. Each situation is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Historically, retailers with significant brand representation who are able to meet our targets for a specific region have maintained exclusivity and have grown their sales significantly over time.

Selling to Third Party Vendors

a) Under no circumstances will any accounts be permitted to re-sell Pika & Bear products to non-established

accounts for the purpose of resale.

Online Sales

a) Online sales are only permitted on websites which represent the account holders business business exclusively.

b) Active accounts may use social media marketing methods such as Facebook (tm), Twitter (tm), Instagram (tm),to promote Pika & Bear products and brand image. Pika & Bear is exclusively a wholesaler and does not sell products, at this time, online or directly to the public in any capacity. We view this as an essential commitment to maintaining strong relationships with our retailers as an ally and not as a competitor in the market.

Use of Intellectual/Artistic Property

a) The Pika & Bear name and trademark(s) remain exclusive intellectual property of Pika & Bear and may only be reproduced or used with the consent of Pika & Bear. Periodically, marketing materials may be supplied to established vendors for use in print media or for other promotional or marketing purposes. Vendor inquiries are welcome for specific promotional requests which require the use of digitally formatted Pika & Bear advertising and branding materials.


Our products are intended for adult usage and are not suitable nor marketed to children under 12 years of age, may contain small parts, and pose a choking hazard. Keep these and all similar products out of the reach of children.